evening short concert

Dip your soul into the exotic sound of Japan.

One of the most unique point of Kanzan is that we also run a well-known studio of traditional instrument, shakuhachi.
And that comes down to an outstanding experience you can hardly have chances with any other hotels,
daily evening short concert of shakuhachi.
Listen to the sound of tradition, dip your soul into it for awhile after dinner.

Shakuhachi appeared in our history around Nara era(A.D.600-700) for the first time, and became popular with the thrive of Zen priests.
Shakuhachi used to possess an important roll in Zen customs but most of Japanese don't know it, because not only tourists from
abroad but also, we Japanese ,can hardly find chances to join shakuhachi concerts these days.

The essential secret of shakuhachi had been taught with the word "一音成仏(Ichion-joubutsu)"="One last blow to the peace", which requests players to blow the one that can take souls to Nirvana, when it was used as a ritual instrument.
shakuhachi no longer possesses the role as a ritual apparatus, but the secret has never been changed.
Performer put all into just one blow, make beautiful sounds and move audience souls.

Shakuhachi maestro, Mr. Kanzan opened his studio and hotel kanzan with his wife

Shakuhachi studio "Kanzan" has been making shakuhachi for long time, and beloved by enthusiasts from all over Japan.
But only a few local people know that, so the studio perhaps keeps very quite today, too.
I (web creator) personally really appreciate if you let the performer know once you thought the performance was nice.
I hope the sounds of shakuhachi gets you beyond the cultural differences.