Our specialty area is Japanese local style cuisine.
We offer great menus which feature local fresh produce in season,
ingredients are sourced from local growers.
As seasons change, our menus are changed daily.

Dinner menu example (a night in November)

  • ​Locally produced plum wine
starter set
  • ​Vinegared scallop, persimmon, edible flowers
  • Oyster Shigulait stew(deep boiled oyster in soy sauce and mirin)
  • figs wrapped in hams
  • Japanese style deep stewed mushrooms, wheat bran, Mukago(mountain fruits taste like potato/nuts)
  • Shrimps and avocado rolled in grilled eggs.
  • steamed organic veggies to dip with miso-based sauce
  • fried taro potato in steamed bread style, with Japanese thick sauce
  • Wild Japanese black porgy from Nagasaki  / deep water shrimp
  • ​grilled wild yamame trout
  • Kanzan's special tempura soft shell crab
  • Sauteed Wild Spanish mackerel with creamy dense soy sau
  • mixed rice with mushroom( shimmered together rice and maitake-mushrooms)
  • homemade miso soup
  • gerato
Short CONcert of shakuhachi(10-15mins)

"The true scent of nature's abundance"

Among the concepts of retreat, what luxury means have changed time to time.
​We believe that what has not changed is the importance of nature's beauty,
​timeless simple pleasures we feel in nature.
Making those two things connected, that's our vision via local cuisine.
The abundance of nature here in Minakami starts from pure fresh water from Mt.
Tanigawa, to freshly caught wild fishes, mushrooms, and to vegetables and meats produced by local farmers. ​

Savoring this countryside.

Rice that won the highest award in Japan

  • Matsutake mushrooms
    caught in this town.

We prepare different kind of rices for dinner and breakfast.
Koshihikari rice from Minami-uonuma region for the dinner,
and Mina-zukiyo rice from this town for the breakfast.
Might be a rare chance to compare awar-winning rice tastes.
Also, one of our specialties are "Takiawase(cooked rice with mushrooms and vegetables),
​served in Japan's traditional wooden rice bowl called "Wappa".​

Must for local cuisine, freshwater fish

  • Wild sweetfishes that freshly caught
    from our beautiful Tone-river

​​Thanks to our great fisherman Mr.Seki,
grilled freshwater fishes became the must for kanzan's cuisine.
Although their kind and taste differ from season to season,
we prepare the best fishes for both size and quality everyday.​

Sensation of juiciness. Locally grown beef

​​Some accomodation plans include locally grown beef dishes for dinner. Enjoy it's incredibly rich taste of oil along with intense beefiness in Japanese style sauce.​

Nutrition in, flavors out.
Organic veggies from local farmers.

​​Cultivated fresh water and air of countryside,
here in Minakami town the local vegetables are tasty and highly nutritious, particularly when they are organic ones.
Our dinner starts with an abundance of local vegetables.​

Fresh seafoods directly from markets.

We serve fresh sashimi every dinner, buying fishes directly from fish markets. ​We serve countryside style cuisine, but will not miss the point.​

Seafood in its most perfect state.
Tempura soft shell crab.

Tempura soft shell crab has been known as kanzan's special menu among Japanese tourists for over decades. Tempura covers whole shell so the flavor gets sealed inside perfectly. The feast time. ​

Local Sake brands line-up

Also do not forget we have various Sake line-up to enjoy with feasts. These small bottles let you to compare tastes differences,
​prevent from drinking too much amount and promise a good sleep.​

Dinner starts at 18:30, so please make sure you arrive before that.

Breakfast in Kanzan.

​​When the morning fresh air delights a new day's start, your body's about to be awake. Miso soup traditionally has a work as a day starter here, providing decent appetite and much energy together.​

Traditional style with buffet. ​

​​​Our breakfast is 2 styles mixed. One is traditional Japanese style breakfast, rice, miso soup, toufu etc. There are 3 choices for main plate, dried horse mackerel, slice of salmon, or locally produced wiener. Another is buffet. salad buffet, quiche buffet etc.
Breakfast starts at 8:00 and 8:30.​

Our cuisine's secrets

​Homemade traditional seasonings​

​​​Here are examples of key items for seasoning that makes Kanzan's cuisine stunning.
Most of them are homemade seasonings,
that the recipes have been taught hand in hand from old times.​

left dish:Yuzu&pepper paste, mix syrup of boiled down sugar and japanese vinegar, pepper pickled in miso and soy sauce, sweet miso, soy sauce#1, vinegar specially for seafood. right dish:minced meat seasoned with miso, boiled down balsamic vinegar, salted mix of young sardines and japanese sansho pepper, shio-kouji(fermented kouji molt, dense sou sauce, soy sauce for sashimi.

No. 2
​ It's all about mom's taste.​

Besides homemade seasonings above, Umami that carefully extracted out of kelp/mushrooms/fishes by owner's mama is also the essential secret for Kanzan's cuisine, which keeps our cuisine genuine "local" not as commercial.​