lose yourself in the tranquility of smooth hot spring,
revitalize the body's core.

We think that would be one great reason to choose small hotels to stay.
Our hot spring's alkaline waters help the body maintain its temperature,
also our private bathtub is newly introduced "hydrogen rich(added) spa"
that its great effects on healing and enriching physical conditions are widely expected.

Hinoki style bath

How would you find hot spring facilities that matches your needs?Small hotel enables you tranquil hot spring experience, even it's not private bathtubs.This Hinoki-bath is open 24hours, enjoy as many times as you would like to,whenever, and feel your body revitalizing.
Bath rooms are separated by gender.​

Private open-air style bathtub

We have one private bathroom.
Although the time spared for each guests are limited (40 mins), no need for the additional cost to use once. Surely private spa experience is promised.
One side of the room is widely opened so you can enjoy the great open-air scenery as well. When the weather is ok you can see giant and inspiring view of Mt. Tanigawa right in front of the tub.
If you would like to use this private bathtub again, staff will arrange your time, with a little additional fee this time.
※additional use fee ¥1,000/40mins (¥1,500 for weekends and holidays)​

It's a hydrogen rich spa

​​​Our private bathing has an another aspect as a spa treatment, with rich amount of hydrogen added.
​Hydrogen added bathing is yet very rare to experience but idea has been gradually spreading among Japan these days.
Rich hydrogen works as kind of remover fight against reactive oxygen inside of one's body, without side effects,
and its great effects on healing and enriching physical conditions are widely expected in both daily and medical scenes.

Massage Treatment

​​​We also offer massage treatment service with prices below.
40mins: ¥4,500
60mins: ¥6,500
80mins: ¥9,000