museum in forest,
art in silence.

What if just a 5 mins walking from your room takes you to the world of art includes Matisse, Renoir, Picasso, or Rodin?
Although the number of collections are slight, authentic works are here at Ten-ichi art museum.
Also museum itself is an art work of Junzo Yoshimura, one of the most famous Japanese architects.

As the posthumous architecture of Junzo Yoshimura, Ten-ichi museum presents rich collections :
paintings of early 20th century, ukiyo-e paintings and hanging scrolls of Edo period,
Asian porcelains and potteries from 8th through 20th century.

※excerpted from the official website

"Ten-ichi Museum"

  • Telephone
  • 0278-20-4111
  • Business Time
  • 9:30~17:00 (entrance untill 16:30)
  • Price
  • Adults 1,300yen / Children(under 15 years old) 1,100yen
  • ※Discount ticket are also available for Kanzan's guests.